Expert engineers working closely with customers


■       100X engineers building scalable software - fast
■       On the job training working together with developers and architects along side the customers’ team
■        DD on potential
Scalable architecture and rapid development
■       Developed standardized building blocks for software that allows rapid development
■       Proven ability to massively scale number of events/transactions per second at linear costs
■       Real time edge processing and cloud agnostic
Trusted partners to help plan for success


■       Trusted investor partners, advisory board and sales & distribution network
■       Access to corporate customers on a C-level
■       Plan for success
150+ courses for engineers, architects and developers


■       Target audience: Developers, Architects, CTO/CDO
■       Example courses:
     -  Scalable architecture
     -  Rapid Development
     -  Kafka
     -  Hadoop
     -  Tensorflow
     -  Etc