Learn from industry experts

Northscaler offers courses taught by practitioners that not only master the topic but work on the technologies on a daily basis.

We originally developed the material to help our own employees, but the courses quickly became popular with our customers and clients.

How are we different?

If you are looking for a company to help train your staff, I'm sure every training company out there will tell you that they have the best offering.

We will not claim this, but let us tell you how we train and something about the philosophy we use when training.

The main reason why we have a training program is to be able to support our own developers and the companies where our developers are deployed. This has a few advantages:

  1. Our instructors are experts and practitioners. They are out in the field applying the technology they teach. We carefully select our teachers from our expert consultants that have the ability to convey as well as do. We had to! When we help companies improve their architecture and implementations, we often have to introduce them to new technologies. It is essential that we ensure that our customers can maintain the architecture/implementation after we have left, hence, we make sure we leave them with the same knowledge that we have.

  2. Our instructors (and practitioners) are exposed to a large number of solutions through our internal programs where our customers' critical architectural choices, their algorithms, their strategy, etc are being analyzed and evaluated. This means that our instructors have a broad understanding of the topic they teach. They know of alternatives, they can contrast and compare, and they are not afraid of suggesting a different technology if appropriate.

  3. Our exercises are usually variations on real-world problems that we have encountered at our clients. Yes, we're not afraid of the hello world program, but you will typically be exposed to complex real-world use cases as well