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How We Approach Scaling and Innovation

Our scale-up tech company partners have access to the full range of the Northscaler toolbox. We take an equity stake and help the company scale financially, commercially, and technologically. We help the company execute on strategy and improve sales, go-to market, product development, logistics, sales, and support.
Our main target group is companies who have already succeeded with new, innovative, and effective technology in their local markets. Many of these small and midsize businesses do not achieve their full potential because they lack resources to commercialize on a larger scale. We look for scale-up companies that solve important problems pertaining to global megatrends, and teams that have the hunger and potential to succeed globally. 
Northscaler enables growth by giving scale-up companies access to capital and network. At the same time, we provide operational management experience. This includes operational as well as commercial scaling measures – taking logistics, sales and support to the next level. 
The uniqueness of our approach becomes clear when we increase the company’s understanding of corporate innovation needs. From there, we move into concrete, technological improvements otherwise available only to large corporations. This includes technology that enables high volume transactions at low prices, using our 100x engineers building solutions for relevant use cases. 
Our ultimate goal is to help local successes grow into global champions with a considerably enhanced enterprise value. 


We understand your company’s unique needs and how to implement innovation. Let us help you take it to the world stage.

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