Reaching the Summit Requires Speed and Agility

Northscaler Value Proposition


Our 100x engineers help you scale quickly.

At Northscaler, we take a hands-on approach to scale the rising-star companies we work with. Capital is essential when a company aims to speed up its growth. We take an equity stake and seek external sources of capital from sources we believe match the vision, mission and culture of the company. Northscaler partners with consultancies and law firms to deliver integrated, tailored commercial and operational scaling. This ensures an integrated omni approach to global launches.


Northscaler’s most unique offering is technological scalability for any company. To this end, we acquired the world’s leading scaling consultancy and use it in to make the companies in which we invest ready to take on the world. Our consultants have helped companies - large and small - in most verticals scale their technologies. Now they are ready to help scale-up companies grow beyond today’s markets.


Much like lawyers specializing in niches, there is a tremendous initiative to gain value when hiring a consultant in scaling technology. Other competent engineers are labelled to produce 7x the output value of average, measured by speed and quality. But our engineers are known in their highly demanding markets to be 100x that of an average comparable architect/developer, which is why Northscaler delivers market leading scaling technology in a time frame that radically speeds up your time to market. 

Managing divergent expectations and modus operandi is second-nature to our teams.


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