Reaching the Summit Requires Speed and Agility

The traditional approach to scaling is when venture capitalists and private equity work closely with management teams of the companies they invest in - scaling them financially, commercially, and operationally.


At Northscaler, we want to do more than this, because the rules of business and technology are changing. Northscaler has acquired and integrated SciSpike, a world class, pioneering consultancy team specializing in scaling. This highly senior team provides the technological scalability to grow unhindered while drastically bringing down transactional costs. 


We target scale-up companies who have already tasted success. Typically, these businesses have products or solutions that solve important problems in their local markets, but with a global potential.


This is where our contribution makes the difference. Our engineers deliver technological solutions normally matched only by corporations like Facebook, Google and Amazon – on a time frame that radically speeds up your time to market.


Our module-based, open source platform and proprietary Yaktor development tool solves the needs for technological enablement and development. They also increase speed and agility, facilitate continuous delivery, and operationalize digital transformation. And best of all, Northscaler allows companies to access technology and solutions normally only available to cutting-edge large technology companies.

Northscaler Value Proposition


A highway that never gets congested.

Imagine a highway that would never get congested no matter how many cars are driving simultaneously. People understand that this is a purely hypothetical scenario, but it is what we have come to expect in the digital sphere from using Facebook and Google. The reality is that spikes in traffic often slow speed for users. Speeds drop as more customers use the platform, and transaction costs become a burden as use grows – and often outpace sales revenue.

Most growing companies run into scaling problems if they continue to grow using the technological platform upon which they achieved their initial success - cloud or not.

Until recently, technology was available only at a high cost, and only to the highly skilled and schooled. Today,  everyone can be trained to attain world class skills, and established standards and open source combine to keep the cost low. The challenge today is to comprehend the depth of the technology, map it to the current business case, and  implement truly scalable solutions – before your competitors do.


Our 100x engineers help you scale quickly.

At Northscaler, we take a hands-on approach to scale the rising-star companies we work with. Capital is essential when a company aims to speed up its growth. We take an equity stake and seek external sources of capital from sources we believe match the vision, mission and culture of the company. Northscaler partners with consultancies and law firms to deliver integrated, tailored commercial and operational scaling. This ensures an integrated omni approach to global launches.


Northscaler’s most unique offering is technological scalability for any company. To this end, we acquired the world’s leading scaling consultancy and use it in to make the companies in which we invest ready to take on the world. Our consultants have helped companies - large and small - in most verticals scale their technologies. Now they are ready to help scale-up companies grow beyond today’s markets.


Much like lawyers specializing in niches, there is a tremendous initiative to gain value when hiring a consultant in scaling technology. Other competent engineers are labelled to produce 7x the output value of average, measured by speed and quality. But our engineers are known in their highly demanding markets to be 100x that of an average comparable architect/developer, which is why Northscaler delivers market leading scaling technology in a time frame that radically speeds up your time to market. 

Managing divergent expectations and modus operandi is second-nature to our teams.


Whether you're a large company or small, Northscaler helps you scale.

Technological scaling is not a challenge exclusive to smaller growth companies. Even medium-sized and large corporations struggle to develop technology that can scale infinitely. New technologies and opportunities require large corporations to change the way they build software, applications and services. At Northscaler, we help corporations solve technological scaling issues.


New technologies and opportunities require large corporations to change the way they build software, applications and services (Big Data, AI, web scale, event sourcing, Blockchain, etc.). And while larger companies struggle to innovate, smaller and more innovative companies often struggle to obtain strategic and operational global networks and resources.


At Northscaler, our teams understand and work comfortably with both types of clients. We understand and respect different communication styles, expectations, and operating methods. We facilitate cooperation to help small and large players achieve common and individual goals.