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Partnerships on Demand

Uniting Large Corporations with Rising Stars  

Northscaler´s unique position allows us to quickly recognize mutual potential in new partnerships. Partnerships on Demand unites small, innovative scale-ups with large corporations and corporate venture capital.


New technologies and opportunities require large corporations to change the way they build software, applications and services. Big data, AI, Web-Scale, event sourcing, blockchain, etc. allow new opportunities while demanding agility from all of us. While larger companies struggle to innovate on a radical level, smaller, groundbreaking companies often have a hard time connecting their innovations to larger corporations.



Northscaler accelerates growth by introducing large corporations in need of better ways to secure growth relevance to smaller, rising star-companies in the forefront of business innovation. This allows established, large corporations to infuse highly sought after, cutting edge technology and business innovation. At the same time, smaller teams and innovators can reach the needs of the world faster. 


Northscaler is proud to curate world leading technology to connect and create innovation dream teams.

Highly Trained Eyes for Identifying Innovation and Potential 


When Northscaler founders Petter Graff, Thomas Holst, and Gaute Engbakk joined forces, they had more than 80 years of combined experience and success between them. All three had developed a variety of highly successful tech-based start-ups, global scale-ups, networking, and growth.


Northscaler allows them to unite their strengths and bring their best assets to the table. Their proven ability to generate state of the art technology platforms, evaluate businesses, build expert teams, fundraise, and drive growth is what makes Northscaler uniquely positioned to cultivate growth, scale, innovation, and capital for companies around the globe.


Learn More About the Executive Team

Petter Graff

Gaute Engbakk

Thomas Holst

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