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Matthew Adams is a hands-on software architect & engineer with over three decades of experience.  He received his Bachelor's degree in Artificial Intelligence from the University of California at San Diego's Cognitive Science department, then went on to produce systems for many different industries, from enterprise resource planning to credit card dispute management, automated corporate travel policy enforcement, transparent object persistence, court of law automation, online gaming, and more.

Matthew works as a principal consultant on Northscaler's client & partner engagements, providing architectural oversight & guidance for Northscaler's implementation teams, ensuring appropriateness of fit of Northscaler's solutions given the business, scalability & technology requirements of each project.  He is a frequent open source contributor, including most of Northscaler's offerings as well as being a founding committer of Spring Data Cassandra, now an official subproject of the popular Spring Data project.

Matthew has been a partner in Northscaler since its inception and came from the original hardcore staff of SciSpike.

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