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These are prosperous and egalitarian societies - characterized by high labor costs - where businesses must adopt technology to stay competitive. Across industry sectors we've witnessed hard core digitization success based on home-grown innovation along with adoption of global technologies.

We often see companies with great potential and solutions to global problems that stop growing at some point, and end up only delivering their solutions in a local market and not accomplishing the growth it deserves. This is what we believe we can help with.

Northscaler addresses all scaling challenges, be it financially, commercially or technologically.

Northscaler takes part ownership in the companies we assist. We give companies access to a network of investors, and help them attract growth capital. We also help them prepare for global markets through commercial and operational scaling. We have a proven value chain for enabling sales, support, roll-out and distribution of solutions into new markets.

These are essential building blocks in a global growth story. Our unique technology platform and tools will enhance companies' technological platform, using our team of 100x tech consultants, who have worked onsome of the world's largest and most demanding scaling challenges.

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