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Whether you're a scale-up or an established corporation, we help you bridge your growth plans 

at lightning speed .

Northscaler at a Glance


Northscaler´s world leading scale-up technology provides sustainable solutions for businesses to grow operations. We like to think of scaling technology as the invisible business enabler – working progressively and intuitively with your teams so that you can be unbounded in your achievements.


Our scaling technology solutions currently meet the needs of many of the largest and most recognized deep-tech corporations in the world. But what makes Northscaler truly stand out is our pledge to cultivate and support small innovators and emerging stars in technology-based businesses, so they can rise and compete on the world stage, making full use of the most advanced technology platforms – previously only available to the few.


And true magic happens when we bring the two together with Northscaler´s Partnerships on Demand.

How We Use Technology for Business Innovation

Open and Modular Micro Services

Software and application development is moving away from large software companies building custom technology solutions toward a world of open and modular micro services. 


As a result, low cost operations platforms fulfill fundamental needs with software, applications, and services that fit specific use cases. As a leader at the forefront of the latest scaling technology, Northscaler is a principal driver of this micro services trend. We deliver the promise of efficiency, optimization, and scale.

Cloud Solutions Without Limits

Cloud providers provide financial and operational models such as Pay as You Go and Software as a Service (SaaS) that, together with open platforms, offer customer-specific applications and services for everyone. Without the need for large IT departments and lengthy development projects, businesses can direct their focus back to developing their product/market fit. Northscaler specializes in utilizing the critical business elements of Cloud services without the limitations of traditional scaling technology.

Making Cutting Edge Technology Available to All

Northscaler's technology enables rapid development, faster business innovation, scalable architecture, and seamless integration with existing systems. Our powerful tools enable speed and agility as well as continuous delivery, and operationalize the digital transformation. Best of all: we deliver solutions otherwise available only to large technology companies.

With Northscaler, companies can focus on their business, innovation and digital transformation, without the limitations of traditional and legacy IT.

We Move Your World Forward - Leaps at a Time


We know competition is fierce, and that technology drives a large portion of the competitive edge needed to win in today's marketplace. This is why we like to move your world forward leaps at a time.


Our team has solved challenges in outer space as well as scale-up platform solutions for some of the largest tech-based corporations in America. We provide extraordinary scaling abilities to any platform or system.

Giving you access to the full range of Northscaler toolbox.


Enabling high potential companies to scale thru technology.



competence and


We move your world forward – 

leaps at a time.

What makes Northscaler your go-to partner?


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