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Imagine a highway that would never get congested no matter how many cars are out driving simultaneously...

Most of us understand that this is a hypothetical scenario, but it is what we have come to expect in the digital sphere from using Facebook and Google.

However, the reality is far too often that spikes in traffic slow speed for users.

At the same time, the unit transaction cost for the company delivering the digital services is considerable, and often increases faster than sales. 

Whilst monitoring the everchanging rules of business and technology, what makes us truly different, is our technological scaling services. 

Northscaler has acquired and integrated SciSpike, the world's leading scaling consultancy. This highly senior team works considerably faster and better than any comparable team of consultants, and provides the client company with the technological scalability to grow unhindered while taking down transactional costs in quantum leaps. 

We seek out and work with scale-up companies who have already tasted success. Typically, these have products or solutions that solve important problems in their local markets. When growth accelerates they risk ending up as victims of their own success, unable to make their technology scale properly. Unit transaction costs may spiral out of control, transaction speed may stall – or both, simultaneously.

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